Personal data protection and cookies

TioTech is obliged to protect your privacy rights
Contact us if you have questions about the use of your personal information. By using our webpage and/or our services, you agree to the treatment of your personal information as described in this document.

How we use the data we collect
“Data” includes your e-mail address, your name, billing address, home address etc., mainly information necessary to deliver a product/service or to improve the customer`s experience.

TioTech AS uses Google Analytics to store anonymized visiting statistics. Examples of data which are stored are:

• Statistics of operation systems and browser.
• Which URL you access from.
• Which pages on you are clicking on.

We do not have the possibility to link these data to you personally.

We do not at present store any search-statistics from

Cookies are small text-files which can be stored on your computer when you visit a webpage. Data can be collected from cookies by webpage which knows the cookies` unique ID.
You can at any time turn off cookies by choosing this in your browser. Tools which can screen and/or give you an overview of which cookies are used on the pages you visit do exist.
Be aware that if you turn off cookies, some functions and services will not work optimally. Your browser will for example not remember your logins automatically if cookies are turned off.

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics to register visits on the homepage. Google Analytics uses cookies to:

• Separate unique visitors by giving every visitor a unique ID.
• Register if the visitor has visited the homepage earlier.
• Register where the visitor enters the page from (i.e. Google search)

If you wish to unsubscribe from Google Analytics, please go to:

Tiotech AS
Heiane 2B
+47 55 52 74 75