Support from Innovation Norway granted

Innovation Norway supports projects which create the workplaces of the future and we are happy to announce that our project “Piloting and commercialisation of titanium dioxide (TiO2) for fast-charging Li-ion batteries” has been granted 10 MNOK as “Innovasjonstilskudd” (Miljøteknologiordningen).

This project will allow us to scale and optimise the production of our anode materials. We will test new and improved processing steps enabling total savings of up to 10-15% on our production costs, making our already best-in-class production methods even more cost competitive.

A key element of the project is to complete a full evaluation of the environmental impact of our solution. Our process is much less energy-demanding than traditional production methods for metal oxides, and also exploits easily available raw materials, making us believe that our approach is the truly most sustainable way to make titania for battery anodes.

A sustainable and low-cost anode material – soon to be produced in our own in-house pilot.