Meet our new scientists Nazia and Jane

Dr. Nazia S. Nazer and Dr. Evgeniya (Jane) Khomyakova are our new Scientists!

Nazia has taken on the position as Senior Scientist and will be responsible for building up and running our battery test lab. Our new battery expert has a PhD in high-power batteries from IFE/NTNU. Prior to joining TioTech she did two post doc projects on Na-based electrolyte batteries in Germany, both in collaboration with Volkswagen AG. In addition to having experience with different battery technologies and the electrochemical characterisation of battery materials, Nazia has also been involved in building up a battery testlab before.

Evgeniya (Jane) is a true Materials Scientist, and she will focus on materials development and characterisation, relying on her expertise gathered from doing both a PhD (Slovenia) and PostDoc (NTNU) in materials science. Before coming to us, Jane worked with product quality control and development of ceramic powders in the Norwegian company Cerpotech. In TioTech, she will work both with development of new products and qualification of TitanBTM.

Welcome, ladies!